NuLearn group publications:

Preston, G., Shaw, K., Buchanan, R. And Holmes, K. Student perceptions of communication performance within online learning environments. In preparation.

Shaw, K., Buchanan, R., Holmes, K. & Preston, G. It’s not about the walls: school leader perspectives of implementing 21C learning. In preparation.

Holmes K. (nd) Lessons from the past for the future of mathematics education: Revisiting W.W.Sawyer in the Digital Age. In preparation.

Holmes, K., Preston, G., Shaw, K. & Buchanan, R. (nd). ‘Follow’ me: the efficacy of Twitter for networked professional learning for teachers. In preparation

Holmes, K., Bourke, S., Preston, G., Shaw, K. & Smith, M. (nd). Supporting Innovation in Teaching: what are the key contextual factors? International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education. Under review.

Buchanan, R., Holmes, K., Preston, G. & Shaw. K. (2012) Basic literacy or new literacies? Examining the contradictions of Australia’s Education Revolution, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 37 (6), 97-110. Available at:

Buchanan, R. (2011). Paradox, Promise and Public Pedagogy: Implications of the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 36 (6), 67 -78.  Available at:

Holmes, K. (2009). Planning to teach with digital tools: Introducing the interactive whiteboard to pre-service secondary mathematics teachers, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 25 (3), 351-365. Available at:

Holmes, K. (2005). Analysis of asynchronous online discussion using the SOLO taxonomy, Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology, 5, 117-127.  Available at:


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