A work in progress: Critical Perspectives on Learning and New Media

On Fri 23rd March members of the NuLearn group participated in the inaugural Learning and New Media Conference ‘Critical Perspectives on Learning and New Media‘ hosted by the Monash university based Learning and New Media Research Group.

It was a very full day which started with a provocation paper by Dr Neil Selwyn of the London Knowledge Lab. Neil’s piece was essentially a call to improve the quality of research being done in the area of educational technology, and a list of principles addressing his previously expressed ideas about the gaps in the field.

What followed was 15 presentations which provided details of the various ways in which researchers around the country are generating research in educational technology that is critical, context rich, theoretical and reflective. The volume of presentations covered in the day meant that there was a lot to absorb in a short of period of time, and I’ve come away inspired to further develop my work in this area. It was encouraging to hear the interesting work going on in what Selwyn cheekily described as a ‘mongrel field’.

We look forward to the developments and collaborations that arise from the bringing together of scholars who are committed to critical research in this area.

~ Rachel Buchanan