The End of Teaching as we know it?

Provocative slideshow about the future of higher education

The End of Teaching as we know it?


Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) conference update

On March 15/16 we held the final meeting of the TTF National Support Network in Sydney. The project uses the TPACK framework as a guide for thinking about the type of knowledge that pre-service teachers will need in order to teach using new technologies in the future. The creators of the framework, Punya Mishra and Matt Koehler from Michigan State University, attended the conference on both days (against my better judgement, there is a photo of myself with the guys below – not sure what we were laughing about). They gave an inspiring keynote on the first day and on the second day, they helped the participants to develop short and long term plans for moving the project forward. Unfortunately funding for the project is coming to an end very soon and so we will need to be creative if we are to continue to make progress in transforming our teacher education programs.

At the conference we also heard the results of the National pre and post surveys of pre-service teachers, conducted as part of the TTF project. Although there was only 5 months between the two surveys, there was a significant difference found in the confidence of the participants to use technology when teaching, however, no significant difference was found in the student perceptions of the usefulness of technology for teaching (possibly because they generally scored high on the usefulness items in the pre-survey).  This was encouraging as it could mean that the changes to methods courses may have had the desired effect.  We are waiting to get our individual uni results so that we can see if we followed the same pattern of improvement.

~ Kath Holmes

Teaching Teachers for the Future

Thursday and Friday of this week marks the final get-together for all of us involved in the Teaching Teachers for the Future project. For the past year, all 39 teacher education institutions in Australia have been working on creative ways to ensure that the teachers of the future are well-prepared to teach with new and evolving technologies. At the University of Newcastle we have focused on our primary History and secondary Mathematics courses. The project has been based on the TPACK framework as a foundation for all activities. Punya Mishra and Matthew Koehler will give a keynote on each day of the conference. More details will be posted soon, but in the meantime you can follow the action live on Twitter  #TTF_NSN

~ Kath Holmes